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We provide a new generation of thinking and innovation where imagination meets creation harmoniously to build brilliant solutions.

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Unlock a world of possibilities! With Omeron Group you gain access to skilled resources, optimized processes, reduced costs, and most importantly, the freedom to focus on what truly matters – growing your business and achieving your strategic goals.

Transforming travel services and operations to new heights

The clean interface that brings your effort to center stage. Making PNR’s less challenging and time consuming with a clear and simple workflow. Supporting Amadeus, Worldspan and Sabre, otti SaaS reduces time spent searching and allows more time to sell.

Transforming travel services and operations to new heights


Hailing from the heart of Romania, the Omeron Group it’s a breeding ground for technological innovation. Spearheaded by a passion for pushing boundaries and a relentless pursuit of progress, this group of companies tackles diverse sectors, united by a singular focus: technology as the driving force.

Software Development at its Core

Skilled teams across various domains, crafting solutions that span web and mobile applications, custom software, and enterprise-grade systems.

Travel Software. Reimagining the Journey

Aiming to reimagine the entire travel experience by leveraging technologies like AI-powered recommendations, seamless booking management, and immersive virtual experiences

Beyond Software. Prototyping the Future

Explore the intersection of software and hardware through small-scale, high-impact hardware prototyping projects

R&D. Fueling the Innovation Engine

Innovation doesn’t happen by chance; it demands constant learning, exploration, and a willingness to challenge the status quo

New Ideas. New Possibilities

Actively cultivate an environment where new ideas are embraced, nurtured, and ultimately transformed into impactful solutions

Beyond Romania. Beyond Expectations

A vision that extends beyond national boundaries, aiming to leave a lasting mark on the global tech landscape